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      Dos and Don’ts- Close-Grip Cable Rows

      Common mistakes:
      1. Excessive swinging and relying on momentum to lift the weight is unnecessary. By doing this, you’ll move heavier weights but you’re really just compensating for lack of back strength. Check your ego and lighten the weight.
      2. Leaning too far back is another way of compensating for lack of back strength. By doing so your lower back becomes the prime mover, rather than a stabilizer. Your mid-back should be the prime mover for this exercise.
      3. Rounding your upper back typically happens when you are too focused on getting the handle to touch your torso. This will lead to suboptimal mid-back activation and rather puts the load on your biceps.

      Instead, do this:
      1. Use a weight where you’re able to pull the bar to your torso without excessive swinging to truly isolate your mid-back.
      2. Use a weight where you’re able to remain upright for the full movement to avoid straining your lower back.
      3. Lead with your elbows and focus on driving your elbows as far back as they can go. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to contract your mid-back muscles.

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