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    Where do you find the time to clean when you have a small child or children at home and still get everything else done you need? There not even hours in a day nor the energy to get it all done. If you don’t keep on your toes there won’t ever be time.

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    This is such a great question. I am looking forward to seeing what others share, because I struggle with this too.
    It is so hard to get anything done with young children. It seems as soon as I vacuums my LO is dropping something else on the floor, and when I attempt to fold laundry, he is pulling stuff on the floor. By time the kids are in bed, I am so tired I don’t feel nor have the energy.
    I am part of a Mom’s group where one of the moms suggested a kid swap, where one mom would take the kids while the other mom gets to clean and run errands, ever it was never started. I do try and get somethings when my husband is home, but my LO is a momma’s boy and gets clingy whenever I try to get anything done.
    I have heard friends discuss how they have one chore set each day, that way it is less pressure and less time.
    I personally have not found what works best for me, but I do say try not to stress, do what you can do. One thing my husband reminds me when I am feeling overwhelmed about the house is “It’s not a mess, it’s lived in”

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    I absolutely love this LeAnn!! I am so glad you have the support of your husband. The kid’s father here doesn’t help moth much not even supporting me. I am so overwhelmed at times because I don’t feel appreciated by him and then yes I have the same issues with cleaning one room n by the time I step foot in another it is a mess once again. I can have everything spotless n by the time he gets home it doesn’t look like I did a thing. He has even told one of his women that he doesn’t know what I do all day cuz he comes home n toys r everywhere and dinner is sometimes late.

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    I’m feeling the same as you ladies. I just recently became a stay at home mom, before I was working 60+hours a week, with 4 kids, 17 (my stepson), 10yo son, 5yo daughter, and 2yo son. They also have alot of extracurriculars, and we were on the go 24/7 so I felt like I was never home to get any cleaning done. Now that I’m home all the time, I try to get alot of cleaning and household chores done, but with my 5yo and 2yo here all day, and me just recently being home all day, they’re on my heels 24/7. I don’t mind it that much, but I can’t get anything done. My husband works 6 12-14 hour days a week, so when he does get home he’s exhausted, and they would rather ask or have me do everything for them anyway haha. Plus, I’ve got several autoimmune diseases, and other chronic illnesses, so I’m wore 110% out by the time they go to bed, if I’m not way before then. Some days I just don’t even bother though, and we just play, cuddle, watch movies, etc. It seriously stresses me out to have the house a wreck, but I can clean for hours and they’ll have it looking like a bomb went off in 10 mins anyway. So I’ve been trying to have more of a why stress about what you can’t change attitude, and realize the house won’t always be a wreck. They’ll be grown before you know it, and you’ll have plenty of time to clean, when you aren’t playing games, dolls, cars, building blanket forts,wiping little faces and butts, and you’ll probably miss the time you had to do all that AND have a messy house.

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