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    Where do you find the time to clean when you have a small child or children at home and still get everything else done you need? There not even hours in a day nor the energy to get it all done. If you don’t keep on your toes there won’t ever be time.

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    This is such a great question. I am looking forward to seeing what others share, because I struggle with this too.
    It is so hard to get anything done with young children. It seems as soon as I vacuums my LO is dropping something else on the floor, and when I attempt to fold laundry, he is pulling stuff on the floor. By time the kids are in bed, I am so tired I don’t feel nor have the energy.
    I am part of a Mom’s group where one of the moms suggested a kid swap, where one mom would take the kids while the other mom gets to clean and run errands, ever it was never started. I do try and get somethings when my husband is home, but my LO is a momma’s boy and gets clingy whenever I try to get anything done.
    I have heard friends discuss how they have one chore set each day, that way it is less pressure and less time.
    I personally have not found what works best for me, but I do say try not to stress, do what you can do. One thing my husband reminds me when I am feeling overwhelmed about the house is “It’s not a mess, it’s lived in”

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