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    I have found that if a child has a collection (cats, lures. rocks. etc.) it is great when shopping, doing yard sales, etc. its like a scavenger hunt for them to keep their eyes out for something they are collecting (and it stops the “can I have this” every five minutes)!!!!!

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    Sounds like this could work! 🙂

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    good idea. Also, when I’m shopping and they WANT something, we take a picture of it… that seems to calm them down, and we can then put it on a birthday or Christmas list or something for “later” (haha)

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      very good idea, another one is a “scavenger hunt” while shopping. Give them an item or two to look for (like let mom know when you see a blue towel, a big bag of popcorn, etc)

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    great ideas

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    I love it

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    I’ve raised my daughter to collect rocks by crystal mining…this is an easy, almost free outing in some areas! Depending on where you go it could be a matter of simply packing snacks for the day, or a couple hours. In some places you may have to drive a bit to get there so there’s gas money involved, and still more can include a fee to collect there, but I’ve found this to be as low as $2 in some places!
    My daughter is 14 now and we started when she was 4 so her rock collection is pretty strong by now! Always adding more by going to gem shows and even flea markets. We collect other things, too but this collection is one of our favorites to add to! It’s the making memories that makes it extra special 🙂

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