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    Anyone going back to college at 30 or older?

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    I started college at 18, quit and went back at 27. After finishing undergrad I went on to complete my masters (I was in my thirties by time I was finished).
    When I went to my undergrad graduation there were individuals of all ages graduating. I think the oldest I met was 72. I also have a friend who is in her 30’s and is in college now.

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    C G

    Yes, me!

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    nope but my 17 yo daughter is on her way

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    Yes, me

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    Recommend “Colleges That Change Lives” by Loren Pope. To help in your search for the right school

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    no, but i remember some when i was in college

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    What are some study tips?

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    I am currently in college with a 3 year old.. single mom

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