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      I think it’s great because where I live , trash pick up gives you a different colored trashcan to put your compost in . They also give you a schedule on pick up days . I just think it’s great that they have that for people that really want to recycle .

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      yes… hopefully people will follow. when something gets in the wrong can, it can ruin it all

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      We compost as much as possible!

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      I would love to have compost pickup!

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      I wish more cities composted

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      They sell composting bins on amazon. You can compost in your backyard and use the compost to fertilize your garden

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      I wish our small town had a recycling program.

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      This can be so rewarding!

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      Wonderful. 🙂

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      Have you checked out the website called Recyclebank?
      I love the quizzes, I learn so much about how to recycle and what to recycle and how to reduce my carbon footprint!

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      Recycle and REUSE!

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      We’ve been composting for a while. I love it!!

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      Every bit helps!

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