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      I don’t have a working oven so I got a Instapot from my sister for Christmas just to have hers melt and the company isn’t doing anything about it and to find out mine was starting to do the same things. Wal-Mart wasn’t going to do a thing about it because they didn’t know about any problems n still don’t know about a recall on them. I e-mailed the company and got a ticket about the recall. It isn’t public apparently but I took that to Wal-Mart and actually had someone there let me pay the difference on a Ninja one just like the 8in1 multicooker gem!!!! How lucky is that, I should be really happy right… well I’m not because knowing I might be okay with using the new brand I have now there are still so many Instapot on the shelves that are not being taken off nor are they being recalled when they should be! Another family will buy that n may not notice until it is to late. Does anyone know of a way we can make sure they’re taken off the shelves to protect innocent families from this!

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      Tell the company thru an email or letter

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