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      Any other moms coupon? I’m big on stock piles (I camp in the summer and it saves money)…Anyone willing to trade tips or coupons?

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      I coupon. It is one of the way I try to save on things that I need for my household. I also catch sales and look for manager specials’ in stores as to stretch my pennies as far as they will go. I stock pile my home as well. That way when a rainy day happens to come along, my household items are not hit as hard as they would be if I didn’t pile up…

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      I do and use rebate apps along with them

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      Oh, I definitely coupon! I also try to use them during sales. I also browse clearance sections often. I used to see rebates for free items more often when I worked in retail. There are some free samples sites out there where you can try before you buy and they also usually send coupons. Some send you coupons for a free full sized item.

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        Mel… Could you share the name of one of these sites??

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      i use coupon here and there but not an extreme couponer, could you give me some tips?

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      I love couponing! My use of coupons have def. slowed sown in the past few years, as deals are farther and fewer, but, I do love saving money! I blog a lot about living well on less and saving money.

      I’ve got lots of articles and posts about being frugal!

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      I always check for coupon before I check out.
      Those website’s are good:

      Free Samples

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      I use coupons and sites like retail me not

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      I use Ibotta (app), Receipt hog (app), Receipt pal (app),, i write letters to companies, I get coupons from company websites and coupons from the store websites.

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      I would love to get into extreme couponing. Can anyone give me a a basic tutorial on how to start?

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      I used to hardcore extreme coupon
      But now, with 3 kids {6,3,17 months old}
      I try to get in and out quickly from grocery shopping
      So now i use a TON of rebate apps
      I can post links below of different ones:
      Here’s ibotta (the most popular one)

      Here’s Fetch Rewards (you can gets lots of points of certain brands but also get points for taking a picture of the receipt) (Code F0BHY)

      Here’s Makeena (link will get you $1 and this app is awesome for natural organic stuff)

      There’s also Checkout51, ReceiptHog, SavingStar

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      Thank you for the effort you put into the previous post. Wish there was a “like” button to click on for you

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      I used to coupon a lot but then ended up stopping I miss it!

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      nice info n thanks guys!!

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      Great post.

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      Great post.

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      such great ideas!

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      if you are near a publix i have found helpful!!!

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      Can save you a lot of money!

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      Love couponing but sometimes it’s frustrating lol

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      Frustrating,yes. I sometimes spend an awful lot of time looking for the coupon item, my time getting to be worse less than a penny.

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