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      Has anyone found a way to make zoom sampling a little more fun? Have you tried shipping little zoom care packs or other creative ideas?

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      interesting idea

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      I would love to try this with my group.

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      Zoom amazing

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      I’ve done themes. Recently held a March Madness event.

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      I drop off a goodie box before the Zoom with the sample product and a few other things that go along with the theme.

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      Sounds fun

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      It’s a lot more fun if you can plan out activities for the sample meeting, like a little quiz or game to play with the products. It’s most important to get everyone involved so that they feel heard and are important to the group.

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      ZOOM is an all day event!

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      I am glad to think this post won’t be relevant soon – 2022 will be in person sampling again, hooray!

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      I do door drop offs before I do the meetings so we can all have a chance to try the products

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      Door drop offs are a must!

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      We gathered around the front of our kids school and handed out the smaples along with brochures and coupons and everyone went home to try the product.

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      I place the samples in a clear bag door knob (size depends on the sample) for my friends and when we meet they get the bag with the product sample/coupon

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      Can be challenging!

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