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    My daughter was diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy, so she uses a specialized formula which is the similac alimenutm. She’s now 7 months and doing well and digesting well.She just started solid foods every other day and her tummy seems ok and poops normally. I’m just wondering if anyone had the same issue and tried giving a different formula like the enfamil gentlease. I really hate the smell of her similac alimentum. And does anyone had a problem transitioning their kids with regular fresh milk after a year old? any suggestions is highly appreciated.

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    you can try giving her small amount of cows milk

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    My son still gets diarrhea drinking milk and he is almost 2. I just give it to him in small amounts and he does ok that way

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    My son also has a dairy allergy. He was on Nutramigen formula. Once it was time to switch to “milk”, he drank rice milk. You could also try almond or coconut milk. He’s 3 now and has refused to drink any kind of milk for awhile. He takes a multivitamin and a calcium supplement daily. Just be sure to check ingredients for everything she eats. So many crackers, granola, cereal, etc, contain butter and dairy. I have to be so careful or else I’ll be up all night with a screaming child with stomach cramps and horribly irritated skin.

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    That may be due to some infection that has occurred in the milk

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    I use Hipp organic formula. My DS (dear son) has a very sensitive tummy and we weren’t sure what was causing it. We went from Similac to Hipp and he loved it and did great. Hipp formula is certified organic and specifically made for babies w/ colic, reflux and allergies. Also, Hipp formula is available on Amazon and on other sites.

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    If your child was diagnosed with an actually allergy giving milk could be dangerous. Were you given an epi pen? Make sure to check with your allergist. My child has a milk allergy as well as a few others but we would not test milk unless it was an in office challenge. There is something called the dairy ladder if your child only has an intolerance which slowly adds dairy to the diet and your able to watch for reactions at each step.

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