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      I was diagnosed with celiac six years ago after having my daughter and 35 blood transfusion I went from healthy to being sick all the time, I have learn to manage my autoimmune but it’s so different and looks different for so many people, I learn more and more every day!!!

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      so sad

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      The healthiest I’ve ever felt was after I went gluten free. I wish you luck and hope that you feel great again soon. Most of my family has celiac, so I was already familiar with it when I began that diet.

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      I feel better not eating any grains at all.

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      I am sorry that you have to go through all of that. My dad also has celiacs disease and he is miserable. There is not much at all that he can eat. But he has grown to like the stuff that he can eat. He always says it is much better than a stomach ache.

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      Thanks for sharing. Rooting for you. You can do this!

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      My sister has recently been diagnosed. I’m looking for ways to encourage and help her.

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      sorry to hear

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