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    What would be a great date night for my new HUSBAND and I ? We just got married on March 31st 2018. Please help us out. Thank you Donna Aster

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    how about some parameters first: how much money do you have to spend, how often do you go out to movies or dinner anyway, what are your hobbies, what was your FIRST date???

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    Are you looking to try something new or do something exciting??? Are you looking to keep the romance going or spice things up a bit??? So much can be done, but fist we need to know what it is you are both interested in doing or trying??? Is this to peak his interest, your interest or both???

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    go out to dinner

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    go roller skating. exercise and “play”. if you haven’t done it before, there are usually introductory lessons and it really isn’t all that hard. Most local rinks have evening skates with music and some silly games during the session. And it isn’t expensive.

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    take a cooking class

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    Date night? Lol goid luck

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    To me date nights don’t have to be at a fancy restaurant or some crazy movie like concept. I have literally just made dinner at home and had one on one time with my fiance that way. We talked about anything and everything and that to me was the perfect date night. Hes a firefighter so he has a crazy schedule and with 3 kids, 2 which are not my own but his from another relationship its a crazy household when everyone is here so we try to do those little “date nights” on days that we only have our 2 year old home.

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    Slip a date night stay at home and make babies. !

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    Get out

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