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    Unless you are going to the movies or dinner, finding date nights can be harder during the winter. I’m always looking for new ideas, especially since having kids, when it is be harder to find the time. So lets share our date night ideas.

    Something my husband and I use to do is go to a coffee shop and play card games. It is nice to be out and does not cost much. So what other ideas is there?

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    Ice skating just the two of you is always fun whether you’re brand new or an old pro there is something magical about the experience.
    We also enjoy karaoke or catching up with local bands during colder months when outdoor concerts are not am option. If you are looking for something a little less adventurous local theater is usually an incredible bargain and you can take in some great shows.

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    Are there any places where you can do a couples painting class? Or an escape room place (where you are locked in and have to figure out clues to get out)? Or am I the only one that find these things fun? Lol.

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    Sometimes my husband and I will put the kids to bed and leave them with a sitter. Them we’ll go out for dessert. It’s less expensive than a dinner out, but still gives us the couple time we need.

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    My husband and I are creative with our date nights. We actually (recently) ask my mother to watch our 2 kids for a few hours just so we could go grocery shopping. We ending up going out for ice cream (indoor shop) as well as going shopping. We felt like teenagers at the grocery store because we usually have the kids with us. It was silly but we needed it.

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