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    We always keep our date nights important!!

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    What do you do

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      walk to the park with a thermos of coffee, go get an ice cream, walk in the mall, rent a redbox and pop popcorn, little (cheap things) and talk!!!!

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    Yay for date night

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    Always have Date night once a month! It’s good for you both!!

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    Helps to keep the romance alive and the relationship fresh…

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    So nice!! 🙂

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    date night is the best

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    Date nights come few, far and in between for us lol

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    Date nights are very important for married life. Some times they turn into dates during the day while the kids are at school.

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    Keep it fresh!

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    We very rarely get to go on date nights but when we do, we usually go out to eat at a fancy restruant or we go to the casino.

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    Numerous things my husband and I do for date nights, like going out to eat at a fast food resteraunt actually going inside, ordering, and sitting down to eat. We also have movie nights cuddling up to eachother. We have candle lit surprise dinners with rose petals and a bubble bath etc. We do lots of things to make eachother feel loved and important.

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    We don’t have them
    🙁 only times are special like Anniversary

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    I haven’t had a date night in way too long.

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