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      Is this a battle you pick, or not? How do you deal with picky eaters?

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      Oh I forgot to add my son loves anything in the shape of a French fry, which helps me out because I can make sweet potato fries or baked carrot sticks!

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      I am currently going through the picky eater stage with my soon to be 2 year old so I feel your pain lol. I try giving him foods I know he will like (chicken,macaroni,bananas, etc) but the problem is he cant live off just macaroni and chicken nuggets lol, so I’ll make my own chicken, maybe stuff it with veggies (I call them chicken bites) or I’ll add a little broccoli to his macncheese. Or if I feel like he’s not getting enough veggies or fruit I’ll buy the organic pouches from publix or kroger. Try not to force your child to eat certain foods but gradually add veggies or fruit to what they eat (especially if your child doesn’t notice). I know it’s hard, trust me! But hang in there and I hope this helped some.

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      I baby-sit a young family member with autism. He really struggled with food in general for the first few years of his life, but now has a healthy appetite. He still is pretty picky when it comes to vegetables, so I chop them up really finely and blend them into sauces and casseroles.

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      I try to add new foods regularly and in our house they have to at least try something three times!

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      usually i have to cook 2-3 meals for lunch and dinner so they get to choose what they will eat, thank god don’t have any issues with breakfast. it works for me pretty well even tho i have to spend more time on kitchen.

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      I’m having a hard time getting my 2yo to eat vegetables and meat. She refuses to eat most things she loved as a baby. Any advice?

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      I always say that they have to try a little bit of everything and then the things they don’t “like” I cut up super small and mix it in meals other ways LOL.

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      you just have to keep, keep trying. They eventually outgrow it when they are teens,they’ll be OK surviving on a few things for childhood years!

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      Sometimes I will reward my kids by telling them we will doing something special if they just try the food one time for me…I also say…you never know, you may like it!

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      Sometimes I will reward my kids by telling them we will doing something special if they just try the food one time for me…I also say…you never know, you may like it! This works about 50% of the time. Sometimes they are a bit surprised!

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      My 15 month old can be picky at times. He is a snacker also, which means he does not want to always eat meals. I struggle more so getting him to just sit and eat with us. There are a few things I know he will definitely eat. I do try to add to certain meals to get my children to eat more veggies. For example when I make chili I add corn, green beans.
      I have also heard of individuals making veggie pancakes, or shredding zucchini in certain dishes. I have not tried that yet but I plan too. Also I have heard of moms who juice or make smoothies for their kids to get more fruits and veggies.

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      I have ahard time with this mtself. Give them a variety of foods and keep offering

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      I remember telling my kids to just try it once…That they may find they may like it. If they didn’t I said they wouldn’t have to eat it again for a while…Most of the time they actually liked the foods I prepared.I remember my son feeding the dog his cooked carrots under the table once…lol…He hated cooked carrots.

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      I do not do special meals or making multiple meals, too much with 4 little kids. My 2 year old and 1 year old are super picky, they always get offered foods, even if they do not like it, because you never know when they will like it. 2 year old is required to try, some days it is a lick, others a small bite. I put veggies in my meatballs and do a lot of smoothies to get veggies in that they will not eat otherwise. Fruits are never an issue and neither are meat, just veggies for us.

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      Cook vegetables into sauces or juices/purees. Especially mac n cheese is a good way to hide veggies

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      My son is 4 years old and I have yet tackled this battle. He loves breakfast foods thankfully but won’t eat much outside of chicken nuggets or pizza. He doesn’t really give fruits and veggies his all. It’s such a battle because I try so hard to broaden his options.

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      You can give healthy foods.

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      For my older one it is important that there are different colours involved ^^

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      Can give juices and soups. Really healthy one.

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      I try my best to only keep healthy snack options in the house and let the kids pick from those. It’s a hard battle already and my kids are five and three. My husband eats almost nothing while I eat anything so i like to blame him lol

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      Seems like kids are less picky when they eat with us, like they enjoy being “grown up” so are willing to try more variety of food.

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      Well my daughter loves a lot of different things. If there is something that she doesn’t want to eat, I tell her to at least try it and if she does not like it, I say okay i’ll come back to it another time. I don’t force her to eat anything she does not like.

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      We sit and eat every meal together, the whole family. So my picky eater “picks” some nice habits from his dad and uncle and eat the healthy food grown ups eat. Good luck to everyone, I know how hard it is to get them eat the right food!

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      I serve one meal, and the rule at our home is, “You have to try it.” I do not make special meals because someone doesn’t like a particular item. You cannot please everyone all of the time.

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      I always say to my kids that if they eat everything they can go play aoutside they love play outside…

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      Mixing the veggies with other things they like helps.

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      I had a picky eater too!

      Picky Eater Success

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      I still have picky eaters and they are 5 and 9! crazy!!

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