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      People can’t always tell when someone has autism. Sometimes it’s easier to tell with some. I remember working with a man with autism. I, and our other co workers found it obvious. But at times when customers approached him and he got nervous and scurried off, they would look at me and say “What’s wrong with him???” I would explain he has autism and he just comes in for a few hours to help organize merchandise. They didn’t even seem to feel bad that they simply judged him. People can be really rude. I hope no one on here with a child or family member with a disability such as this has to go through people being insensitive.

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      Unfortunately we deal with insensitive people too

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      Sometimes just explaining helps.

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        education is key!!!!!

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      Absolutely, ladies! <3

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      We are all on a journey to learn about the world and develop sensitivity to others. Try to be as patient with adults as you are with children, and give them time to understand (and – hopefully- be willing to change themselves.)

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        Ah, you are very wise, Mary! You are absolutely right! 🙂

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      Nice one!!

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