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      Getting your space, whether it be your living room, your backyard, or a gazebo at the local park, ready for a sampling party does not need to break the bank for it to look amazing. That being said, one of the best things you can do when shopping for your sampling party is find items that you will be able to use more than once. Also, items that are interchangeable (colors, shapes, etc.) with your theme will be really helpful. Do-It-Yourself decorations are a great way to go as well. Whichever route you decide to take in planning your party, the key is knowing where to look!
      Stores like Walmart and Dollar General/Dollar Tree have a wide selection of party supplies at low prices, that will fit any theme- or every theme if you are a really smart shopper! You can purchase streamers, table covers, dishes/trays, balloons, banners, favor bags for to keep all of their sample items and product information together, and even snacks.
      Looking online and on Pinterest for different crafts and decoration ideas has always been helpful as well. For example, twisting your green streamers and attaching them vertically on the wall- gives the appearance of being seaweed, how to make balloon garland and different doorway decorations, using items from home to make different table decorations and backdrops …and so on. Some of the items are consistently used through many of these projects, like fishing line, streamers, tulle, balloons, and paper.
      If when you search the first time, you do not find what you are looking for- reword what you are searching for and that might help in coming up with different results. For example, if you search “party decorations”, the results will be significantly different than if you were to search “cheap Do-It-Yourself Decorations” or “decorations for parties for adults”.
      I have found it helpful as well, when I do a Google search to plan for a party, to look through the “images” for different ideas. I think it is also important to make sure that what you are sampling is still the focus and center of your party, and not to let it be overshadowed.

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      These are some great suggestions. I personally like how you recommended using items that are interchangeable. That is very cost effective. I love being able to save money and use items from past parties.

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      That’s how we roll too! 🙂

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      Great ideas!

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      I like creating my own décor too. It is much more gratifying than buying traditional stuff. I am artsy by trade and love coming up with my own personal themes; but when I do buy decorations and party ware I like to save big (as much as I can) and hit Party City for sales and deals as well as Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar…

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      Great ideas! We always make it party like also so the kids know it’s something fun and not a quiz or anything! It’s a privilege to be picked!!!

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      Great ideas, thanks for sharing😀

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      these are great

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      Dollar stars are always a go to

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      Great ideas

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      Those are really great ideas! I’m definitely a dollar store queen!

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      Thanks for the tips!

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