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      Don’t know which category to put this under… but would like your best idea for getting rid of (and preventing) diaper rash. Recommend any specific products that really worked for you?

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      change diaper timely

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      A+D Original Diaper Rash Ointment for my baby.

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      I’m am having the same problem! My son is so sensitive to everything!!

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      Boudroux’s butt paste is very good. I use it after every diaper change to prevent rashes.

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      agree with the ones above

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      We used Aquaphor diaper cream or desitan. Baby powder and just changing every time they went potty right away.Sometimes go diaper free to air out.

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      Desitan works great

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      A few months ago my son had serve diarrhea, with serve diaper rash. It was awful. After almost a week, I called the emergency services (it was a weekend) to about what to do for the diaper rash. It was so bad that it was waking and keeping him up at night.
      The nurse I spoke to informed me not to use wipes when they have diaper rash, as they make it worse, but to use water and baking soda. She also informed me to make a cream out of a&e ointment and destine. She said that is what they use in the hospital and that it goes away in a few hours.
      She was correct. It went away quickly and helped to relieve his but.
      Normal use I use Aquaphor, which has worked great for every day use.

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      We have a little guy who every time he teethes he gets severe diarrhea and rash. We avoid wipes whenever possible and put him directly in the tub with running water for a bit to clean him off then of course once most of the poo is gone fill it and add a bit of baking soda in it and let him sit and play a bit. If possible we try to let him air dry then diaper up that way it’s allowed to breathe a bit. Then we use Dr. Smith’s on the go spray so we don’t have to touch the area and then diaper up with pampers pure (or any of the non bleach fragrance free diapers out there) until he’s good to go back to our regular diaper routine. Even with regular on the spot changing and being super mom babies get diaper rash. Some more than others and then some get extreme rash no matter what you do. Don’t stress or feel like a bad mom or a failure. If you feel like you are make a chart to record every time you change, what you used, what you did, what the baby did… then look at it after a day or two….. you will realize that you are amazing even when you don’t feel like it. 🙂

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      Yes, change diapers like every 20-30 mins if they are soiled or wet, frequent baths, and I use MADE OF wipes, diapers and diaper rash cream. They are certified organic and really seemed to prevent diaper rash once we started using the products.

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      It helps to try and change diapers as soon as they get wet/dirty if you are having issues with diaper rash. My daughter hates being in a wet diaper and tends to cry right away so that helps, otherwise I would just try and check it every 20 minutes or so until the rash gets under control. Like the commenter above, I also use MADE OF wipes and rash cream which I think helps a lot!

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      ^ All these are good suggestions. Take your pick.

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      Mel, I would agree. I just re-ordered some products from MADE OF (wipes, diapers, talc-free powder) and for anyone that uses or wants to try MADE OF organic baby products, use the promo code 20off to get 20% off your order. Kiss those little ones and have a great evening!

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      Great suggestion.

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      My LO only had diaper rash a few times, but nothing seemed to work. The OTC stuff and home remedies made it worse. Then I found MADE OF organic diaper rash cream and it did the trick within 24-48 hours the redness and rash was gone! The MADE OF products are great and I highly recommend them all.

      Use promo code 20off and receive 20 percent off your purchase

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