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      I am real down on myself because for a year was doing so good and started feeling better about myself as far as my weight goes, I was determined that I was going stay on track and eat right. I got off track and have completely gained everything back that took me a year to loose. It weird how long it takes to loose yet so fast to gain it back. Anyone have the same problem as me if so how did you get back on track?

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      I am currently getting back to losing weight after spraining my foot, for me and my personality I picked a big number but small monthly goals to get to it. if you want more information just ask

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      ofcourse you feel active right?

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      I think I have tried every diet known to man. Ive tried a lot of the products too. But Ive found, that by just cutting my portions, upping my water intake, and getting my butt up and moving for at least an hour everyday, is all I need to do. Ive lost 20 pounds in 2.5 months. I still enjoy my ice cream, and carbs. Though I eat cleaner, Im not dieting. I just changed how my brain worked, changed my whole lifestyle. Thats why dieting, and those products never worked, they were “quick” fixes and once I hit my goal, I was right back to stuffing my face full of all the food I deprived myself of. Set small weekly goals. Download the My Fitness Pal app. Make exercising fun!!!! Find things that are active that you actually enjoy doing. For me, I dont waste my money on a gym membership, I walk, ride my bike, swim, play tennis, have dance parties with my kids. All things that I enjoy so it doesnt feel like working out. And remember most importantly, DONT GET DOWN ON YOURSELF!!!!! Dont expect overnight results!!!! These people that have lost 70 pounds plus, didnt loose that all at once!!!! They lost 1 pound, 70 times!!!!! Good luck!!!!

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