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      Cant find a good diet

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      Mediterranean eating style is best, long term. Lots of veggies to fill up your plate and your tummy. My best diet tip is to stay busy – I don’t think about food or have time to nibble, and moving gets the oxygen flowing in my food so I don’t “feel” hungry.

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      Interesting diet idea, but again not every diet works for everybody. My advice is to find a diet that works for you and that can take some doing, but the end result is that you would have accomplished our goal and reached the desired destination that you set out for yourself…

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      One tip: have some healthy foods you’ve thought ahead of time to have around, to avoid the junk-food-binges that ruin any diet. I eat a teaspoon of peanut butter, or a smallish glass of non-fat chocolate milk with a half-scoop of protein powder. Quick energy, nutritious, and I enjoy these. Also, Mom’s Meet has some coupons for products like these right now!

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      thewhole 30

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      more veggies and less sugar are some keys

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      I find it hard to stick to a diet by restricting categories of food like carbs. Portion control works better for me. Then I can eat the foods I like but in sensible portions.

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      Dieting is the hardest thing to do. I think you need some strong will power to be able to diet and of course fond a diet that is suitable for you. Not all diets are created equal. I find that eating smaller portions, drinking lots of water and exercise helps a lot and it doesn’t need to be some crazy workout regiment that takes 2 hours long, it can be simple and easy to fit in to anyone’s schedule.

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      Don’t cut sweets out, only eat sweets if somebody took the time to make them from scratch. It’s a win-win!

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      Just go less

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      Good tips.

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      Then maybe you need a lifestyle change instead of a diet

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      gud info

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      Hi Sue,

      Here’s my simple, yet a low-effort way to get the nutrients that I will be needing for the day: Copy my list below, then make check marks next to each food group as you go through your day. Be consistent on this diet and avoid eating junky stuff. (And be sure to add in a favorite treat a few times a week to satisfy your cravings!)

      (at least 3 servings) One serving equals 1 medium whole fruit or 1/2 cup (a generous handful) of cut-up fruit (or juice)

      (at least 4 servings) One serving equals 1 cup leafy greens or 1/2 cup (a generous handful) of cut-up raw or cooked veggies

      (at least 3 servings) One serving equals 1 cup milk or yogurt or 1 1/2 ounces cheese (about the size of your thumb)

      Whole Grains
      (at least 4 servings) One serving equals 1 slice bread or 1/3 cup grains (a palm-size handful)

      Lean Protein
      (at least 3 servings) One serving equals 1 ounce of nuts (a small handful), 2 tablespoons peanut butter (golf-ball size), a 4-ounce (palm-size) portion of meat or fish, or 1/2 cup beans (a generous handful)

      (1 serving of a favorite food every two or three days) Check nutrition labels for serving sizes

      I hope that helps. For more health tips. Please visit this blog:

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      Great tips everyone!

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