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      What are your best money saving ways to save for a disney trip? lookin for 4 people. 3 adults and one 5yo next may 2020?

      i am thinkin of buying disocunted giftcards at sams and doin surveys to get $$

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      Stay off property. You can rent a house within a 15 minute drive to Disney World for less than half the cost of a Disney hotel. You won’t be in the Disney bubble 24/7, but you can cook some of your own meals to save on restaurant costs. My family has rented houses with their own private pool and hot tub, game rooms, and Disney-themed decor. Some even have strollers and car seats you can borrow for free, which can save vs. renting those items.

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      thanks AmyAtl… good suggestions

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      I haven’t been to Disney World in ages! Ahh I would love to go again with my family and boyfriend sometime soon!

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      Buy ponchos, autograph books, and snacks ahead of time to save on these items since they are overpriced at the parks

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      off property with free breakfast if you want a hotel and get snacks for the day.

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      good ones

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      I plan on going in the spring. It will be my 4 year olds first time and my 5th! I to need to find ways to save money.

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