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      I like to do a lot of projects with my kids and I always find a way to use items that would just into a landfill. For instance, we planted a garden a few years back before I had my first round of back surgery. We used wood pallets and grew a garden in them. We also built a deck that is made out of pallets that is around the pool. I will also use plastic buckets, 2 liter, and 3 liter bottles to make small green houses for flowers to start. Broken rakes are used in the yard for running roses and other running flowers. I also use the one gallon plastic container with lowfat ice cream or yogurt and use them to put small crafting supplies, flour, corn mill, etc. We keep the cans and then take them off to a recycling center to get some money off of them.

      We also donate clothes that the kids have outgrown to local homeless shelters. We give them to people who really need them. What are some of the projects that you have done with items that cannot be recycled or can be recycled?

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      Wow, it’s awesome that you’re doing all these projects with your kids. What a great way to teach our children about the importance of recycling and reusing! I love it! At our house, we use recyclables for craft projects. When the kids get bored, I just point to our bin of paper towel holders, cereal boxes, etc and just give them markers, tape, etc and let them use their imagination.

      You should share some photos of your projects to give other moms ideas!

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      yes sharing picture would be nice… I tell my son about recycling,donating but never did any projects at home for fun.. I need to start doing that..

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      would like to learn more too

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      Great ideas!

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      Make sure to recycle batteries, papers, and cans, and plastics

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      Great ideas

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      Love the ideas

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      We live on a farm with our seven sons, and recycling and DIY projects are a part of our normal routine here. The boys are always finding new ways to repurpose everyday items. I am sooo proud of our kiddos and their creative and wonderful imaginations!

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        as you should be, they sound like wonderfully creative boys!!!!

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      My kids love crafts so recycling items for crafts are great for them and the environment. I use pallets and scrap wood for making pictures and art projects as well.

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      We are always looking for ways to recycle and upcycle around our house!

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      Love the ideas.

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      Lot’s of Projects and great ideas. I love the idea of making a deck out of Pallets.

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      Good sharing.

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      This is great.

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      In our group we do a clothes swap. We go through our closets. Get together as a group and go “shopping”. So far no one has gone away empty handed. What is one person get rid of is another persons wear it later.

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      B J

      All great ideas and great to learn about all of them.

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      The website Recyclebank is a great place to learn about recycling in a fun way. Check it out. I think you will like it.

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      B J

      These are all great ideas. My family and I pick up trash in the ditches by the roads. Fun to do together and my kids feel like they have helped the environment.

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      Thanks for the ideas

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      great ideas

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      Great ideas.

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      I would like to learn more too.

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