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      So I was trying to save a little extra money this year and decided its more special and meaningful foe them to make something to give their grandparents. I have 2 kids they each made ornaments to give each one, we and we are also going to bake cookies today. My problem now though is I just don’t feel like its enough so if anyone has any other DIY suggestions that isn’t super hard because I also work all day and won’t be home until later tonight. I need something easy but cute and that hopefully I will have at least most if what I need already at home and won’t have to stop at a store.

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      They just want time with you. Make a little coupon or gift card or homemade card… good for one phone call, or a walk. Or, if you or your kids can, offer an hour of yard work or a trip to the store to help them out.

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      Love it! We made coupons! Super cute idea!

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      Skip the cliché “World’s Best Grandpa/Grandma” t-shirt and ho-hum mug and surprise them with the unexpected A memory books that include the year in pictures with a home made memory book cover . So easy yet so treasured.

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      Our kids made coupon books with their names and pictures on it…. it said Redeem this coupon for:
      1) Dinner Date
      2) Movie Night
      3) Sleep Over
      4) Cookie Party
      5) Mommy & Daddy can’t say no day

      They laughed so hard because there were 20 coupons in each book and said to the kids sooo should we just circle 5 and do all of the above because they can’t tell us no and smiled. I think our parents turned into monsters when the grandkids were born LOL!

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      You can print some photos and the kids can make frames. There are tons of materials in the Dollar stores.

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      Get clear glass or plastic bulbs let them paint them and decorate as gift. My kids loved making them. Another idea is buy canvas board from Walmart and paint their hand make handprints with each child hand (just one) decorate the edges like a frame or have them leave a little note.

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      Photo books are always appreciated

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      decorate a picture frame then do one pair of handprints from each kid with their names! add the year on the frame the you have something cute and simple for everyone (including the kids) to look back on! bonus for doing feet too 🙂

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      those are good ideas

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      grandparents already have plenty of stuff. Anything that involves spending some time with them is going to be the biggest, most appreciated gift

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