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      Every year, I make a new Christmas ornament for our tree. I think this year I’m going to try and make one with corks I have been saving (from wine bottles). Is anyone else going to be making ornaments? What kind?

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      Every year, we get together with a small group of Moms and kids and make ornaments.It’s really fun, the event is a nice tradition, and the ornaments become memories.

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        That’s awesome! My mom group tradition is making tie dye shirts with our littles every summer…love making the memories too!! For Christmas, just us moms make ornaments for one another and it’s always so cool to see what everyone makes.

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        I usually make snowmen with my kids to put it on the tree!

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      handprints deifinitely

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        I find that I had better luck with my grand daughter with doing finger print ornaments (we made snowmen on plan cheap ones) and she loved it!!!

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      handprints deifinitely

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      great ideas

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      Easy saltdough are always fun!

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      Felt ornaments are easy to make

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      Great ideas.

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      Great ideas ladies!

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      I think its fun to go out to support a local business — especially an art businedss– like a pottery painting shop, or glass fusing shop that will host a group to make ornaments!
      Home made anything is the best!

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      Great ideas ladies!

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      That’s a cool idea! I’d like to see some.

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      awesome ideas would love to see pictures

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      Arm & Hammer makes colored baking soda… helps with crafts, such as handprints

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      great ideas!

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      Awesome ideas.

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      Great ideas!

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      Me and my daughter make an ornament out of the little piece they cut off of the bottom of our Christmas Tree.

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      initials and fingerpainting

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      I love making my own ornaments!

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