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    Teach your children to be creative and recycle with DIY projects.
    Pringles cans can be used to make noise makers by adding beans, rice, bells, etc inside and decorating the can any way you like. Also, if you have small critters as pets you can cut out the bottom and drop them in your critters habitat to use them as a tunnel or hideout.
    Glass jars from pasta sauce, picles, sauces, etc van be used for SO many projects such as vases for flowers, you can make calming jars, you can cut holes in the lids and use them to catch bugs, with mod podge and glitter you can decorate your jars and use them as a decorative holder for household items, i.e., use them kn the bathroom and put qtips, cotton balls, makeup remover pads, etc. Use them in the office to hold pencils. You can fill them with wax and make homemade candles. The oppurtunities are endless.
    Coffee cans can be used for storage, you can make d.i.y drums and other noisemakers and instruments.
    You can reuse plastic jugs as tea or kool-aid pitchers.
    Egg cartons are a fun material for d.i.y projects, arts, crafts. You can d.i.y. a compostable planter out of cardboard egg cartons. Fill your egg carton pod with dirt, plant your seeds, and when you’re ready plant the whole carton/pod straight into tbe ground.

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    We recycle and our kids love to help. We have made games out it and DIY crafts. We actually don’t have to tell them to recycle anymore they just automatically do it know. Since they have gotten older and youngest is 7 yrs old, they love to recycle pop (soda) can tabs. We take them to the local health department near us and their donated to one of charities that support children with cancer. They also like collect the can but I figure that’s be sure they toss it into the trash can like it’s basketball.

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    very nice

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    great ideas

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    Great sharing.

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    Great sharing.

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    Can’t wait to try these!

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    This is genius!

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