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    Why any ideas guys? Is it our most modernize diet, is that the real issue here, food pack with many unhealthy property’s , chicken itself if not cosume from an organic source is the beggist mistake to cosume and fast food is not an exception friends ask yourself and teach yourselves and your social circle. It is not a casualty that we learn something new everyday day in life blessing on all of you deer friends! Love is all we need

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    Yes I do

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    Yes I do

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    yes I do too they both are in INDIA thou…

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    Yes. Why do you ask???

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    Yes me

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    yes, and they need support.

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    Yes, my daughter in law. They’ve done all the Basal charts, followed all doctor’s orders. She conceived and then they lost the baby. Both were/are heartbroken. They are now starting IVF.

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    high stress… and trying to understand why is even worse

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    Yes, it’s very common.

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