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    I know many kids have ADD or ADHD, among other things. I know I have a very difficult time concentrating and paying attention. There are some people however that will say their child has it when they are actually unsure. Make sure it’s an actual diagnosis before you tell others what it is.

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    no most people i know have actually been diagnosed but they do use the adhd as an excuse for all bad behavior

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    Ahh, that can be very true!

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    maybe not so much as an “excuse” but a plea for understanding/compassion toward a misbehaving or imperfect (at the time) kid. Or used as a bit of a joke, to express frustration at that situation.

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    Also very true!

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    one of my friends uses this excuse everytime her son does something wrong, he even is beging to use it as an excuse as well

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    that’s right

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    Nice one

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    Thats messed up.

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      You’re right, it is. I’ve seen it happen. I definitely don’t agree with it. 🙂

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