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      I listened to the cool podcast and they interviewed an expert on urban and suburban schools. I want to post this question. Does the school district or school grade matter for young kids? Can an D school still have good teachers and with the right support at home provide the kid the same education as a school with an A grade? You can listen to the podcast I posted the link below.

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      The child’s peers matter too.. for making friends and what the lifestyle expectations are. Thanks for this… these are complex issues.

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      it doesnt matter

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      Very interesting!

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      Thats an interesting question!!!! I think it does matter a little bit, but it also all depends on the child. There are awesome teachers in urban school settings, but unfortunately usually their classrooms are full and its hard to have one on one time with a child that may need help. And working parents may find a hard time being as involved as they would like to be in the childs schoolwork. Hard work and dedication go a long way though.

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      Everything matters. Raising a child is a full time job, his peer, sibling, school, district, parents expectation, child’s own dedication and commitment……. everything matters. But of course if one has to compromise than find alternate compensation

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      I believe it does matter. As someone who works as an educator, having a school with a better grade rating provides better education, teachers are happier, the learning atmosphere is pleasant, and therefor, it’s going to allow students to do well.

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      I do believe it matters.. I experienced the difference when changing schools in the past 2 years.

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