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    I guess I understand certain areas accept different items to be recycled. I really wish they were more lenient where I live. Certain items they say not to put in our recycling anymore. There’s just too much waste in the world in general. I wish we could recycle so much more….

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    yes truee..

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    agreed- recyling should be unlimited

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    n o

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    Yes. I wish it was unlimited as well…

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    Cutting back on what you use is better than recycling. Recycling is actually a pretty complex thing to do, and often the costs involved prohibit it. Your area is limiting the recycling because what they don’t accept isn’t really recyclable… and they end up with lots of “garbage” that costs them even more to get rid of.
    Could I be a little preachy… don’t think that because you toss something into a recycle bin that you have solved all the problems involved in this area.

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    I agree.

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    the company that use to pick up in my neighborhood had more limits than the new company we have which I like

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    So true.

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    Great information.

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