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    I guess I understand certain areas accept different items to be recycled. I really wish they were more lenient where I live. Certain items they say not to put in our recycling anymore. There’s just too much waste in the world in general. I wish we could recycle so much more….

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    yes truee..

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    agreed- recyling should be unlimited

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    n o

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    Yes. I wish it was unlimited as well…

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    Cutting back on what you use is better than recycling. Recycling is actually a pretty complex thing to do, and often the costs involved prohibit it. Your area is limiting the recycling because what they don’t accept isn’t really recyclable… and they end up with lots of “garbage” that costs them even more to get rid of.
    Could I be a little preachy… don’t think that because you toss something into a recycle bin that you have solved all the problems involved in this area.

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    I agree.

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    the company that use to pick up in my neighborhood had more limits than the new company we have which I like

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    So true.

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    Great information.

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    Helpful one.

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    Thank you Sandy

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    You have to drive farther away to do it, and even then the small dumpster provided for the whole area is usually overflowing

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    check out the website Recyclebank. You can learn just about anything you want to know about recycling in an easy and fun manner. I love the site.

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      Very cool. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

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    What really bothers me about recycling down here where i live, is no one likes to do it. We literally ever get a full recycling bin. Everyone just throws them on the ground or in the trash.

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      That’s a shame, Jenny!!! 🙁

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    Yes my area limits what we can recycle too. However I’m starting to find places where I can get things in bulk and I will be taking my own reusable containers.

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    Need some smiley and high five emoticons for fdiseeker – she understands it. I share Jenny’s frustration about people’s attitudes – but the biggest problems aren’t individuals really. We should be saving our energy (and shaming) for large scale polluters or companies who make it so easy for us to have that trash in the first place (better to stop the source).

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      Very true about the companies. I definitely agree. So much waste…

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    I walk every morning and I have a bag that I pick up plastic and cans in our park and recycle them….less land fill for our children and grand children!!!

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      I do this sometimes too, Lisa! That’s wonderful that you do as well! 😀 😀 😀

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    I hate to drive by my neighbor’s home and see overflowing trash bins and that they don’t even HAVE a recycling bin (even though our county does not make us sort the products and it is free!)

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    We just recycle cans, plastics,glass, and papers. Cutting back on using products made from this is better. We don’t eat any canned food or if we do it’s very rarely.

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    I always recycle whatever I can.Our community recently decided that we can no longer recycle glass. They are claiming that it contaminates paper and plastic products on the way to the recycling center. That is bunk.

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    Very nice read!

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    Our town doesn’t have recycling pick up etc. hate not having it once I moved. Before I recycled constantly

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    no we just throw everything in our bin and they pick it up

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    We recycle everything into 1 single container!

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    I wish it was unlimited as well.

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    Great sharing.

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    I help the planet by recycle, compost and I organize a clean-up for my community and pick up litter when I out walking.

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    Great sharing.

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    I live in Buford Georgia common and we used to be able to recycle glass, now it’s a no go exclamation exclamation so I have found ways to repurchase the glass that we do have to purchase. But do our best to only buy plastic or things that can be recycled currently. I believe there should be a movement to encourage places like when I county to keep recycling or re establish recycling glass bottles glass items. Because our landfills need no more glass. So if anybody has any other fun great ideas besides making lanterns turning them into Gaza’s or breaking them up and making mosaics please share.

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