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      When he takes out the trash or picks up the kids medicines last minute. The small things add up and we should always say thank you to make sure he knows his small actions don’t go unnoticed ❤️

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      Amen to that. After being married almost 10 years. I love him way more when he does the dishes, than if he brings me something like flowers. lol

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      This is something that i really need to work on. I am very bad about feeling grateful for the things that my husband does to help me around the house. He does alot more than most men and i take that for granted alot. Sometimes i do let him know how much i actually really do appreciate him.

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      B J

      I always say thank you and do things for him. We always try to help each other out, when either of us has had a hard day. But, he is great to help out around the house and if I am really tired or not feeling good, will make dinner. How great is that?

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      little thongs are more important than anything else

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      these are great

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