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    Good morning to all! I was wondering if anyone has some easy Christmas cookie recipes. Especially ones that are somewhat healthier and have less fat and sugar in them.

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    If anyone gets the recipe for Christine’s Cake Shop sugar cookies, please let me know. They are the best!

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    Peanut butter blossoms are super easy. You can use less sugar in the recipe.

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    I went on Pinterest and found so many and they were decorated so cute!

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    B J

    This would be great – I love trying new cookie recipies.

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    a candy cane shaped

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    B J

    Christmas cookies are so good!!

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    It would be great for Christmas party.

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    These are great.

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    too many choices, both to bake and to eat unfortunately. I use Mindy Segal “Cookie Love” cookbook.

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    We love sour cream cut out cookies. You can find them on my blog A Glimpse of Normal

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    I cook a lot without sugar. Try honey or applesauce to add sweetness to most recipes. I add fresh fruit too, and that adds fiber and sweetness to the cookies.

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