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      easy recipes

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      nothing better than time in the kitchen together for memory making

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      Thanks for sharing

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      Would also loe arts and crafts to do with kids

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      B J

      I love making good treats and food with my kids!! I also love arts and crafts! What fun!

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      Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to do these with my 5 year old

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      Seems like fun. I had to get real inventive when my kids were little, but baking wasn’t their favorite thing to do with me-granted we would have loads of fun-it was always family game night. My kids would just love playing games, after eating dinner, and enjoying every minute of it…

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      so much fun cooking with the kids

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      my kids loved making kabobs out of everything – fruit, small / cut up veggies, etc 🙂

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      Love getting new ideas to cook with my 5 year old! He loves baking & cooking with me, but it’s not always very child friendly. So it’s nice to have recipes on hand that I can have him help me with, plus he loves eating the finished product, knowing he is the one who made it. Very special mommy & son time. 🙂

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      will need to try these out

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      no bake peanut butter balls; edible play-dough. (Look online for actual recipes)

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      I love cooking with my little ones. They’re great helpers.

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      My 11yr old and I love to cook together! Does anyone have some easy enjoyable recipes to share that we can try? Thanks!

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      Love the bright, cheery colors in this recipe

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      These look fun!

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      Thanks for the link!

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      thank you

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      Great ideas thanks!

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      Looks yummy

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      Rice Krispies treats, chocolate chip cookies, we LOVE doing sugar cookie cutouts and then decorating them but that is a lot of work and a big mess lol

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      for little ones… edible play-dough

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      Thanks for all the suggestions.

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      Rice Krispies are easy to do with kids, and they love to eat them

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      Would love to try

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      nice post

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      I would love to try these.

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      these are great ideas

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      I am going to try some of these recipes with my daughter. She is a very picky eater, maybe we can find a few that she might enjoy.

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      I love making Chicken Parm Sliders with my kids. It’s so easy to cook yet very tasty. Your kids will surely love it. 🙂

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      Great i love it!

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      Thanks for sharing! We love making memories in the kitchen!

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      I can’t wait to try this!

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      Our 4 year old LOVES to help in the kitchen! Thank for starting this so that we can get some new ideas!!

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      B J

      This looks so good and fun to try with my kids – what fun!

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      B J

      Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try them with my kids. It is so much fun!! Thanks, again.

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      Making pizza bagels is fun and customizable

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      looks great!

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      Thanks for sharing!

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      I love that you liked it I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did some of these recipes

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      Thanks for sharing.

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      so much fun cooking with the kids.

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      Good read.

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      A party snack mix is always lots of fun AND you and your children can theme them according to holidays, holiday colors, holiday flavors, etc. Great read!

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      B J

      Great ideas and a lot of fun with the kids!

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      This is great.

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      pizza granola and brownies are the favorites

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      Very helpful and good ideas.

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      My kids are good helper.

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      Thanks for all the suggestions.

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      S’mores are fun!

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      terrific ideas for a grammie to do with her grandchildren!!!!

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      Thanks for sharing!

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      These look delicious!

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      looks great be doing this ;;thanks

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      Awesome. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      Thanks for sharing!

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      Great ideas

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      this is great ideas love this will be making with the kids

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      Exactly what I’ve been looking for !

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      My children love to cook they look for new recipes to try all the time

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      I like to make pizza with my littles

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      Rice krispie treats are fun and easy to make.ann

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      Such good ideas. Always looking for new recipes.

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      Sugar cookies and rice krispie treats are fun to do.ann

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      That would be great to read about this recipe.

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      Always looking for. new ideas.

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      I always get good ideas from MomsMeet.

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      Thanks a lot, it was really amazing.

      I also found this video on YouTube and I think it’s really cute how the mother-son is bonding over the video

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      This looks so good.

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