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    my son gets eczema in the winter on his legs what are good products for it i use aveeno eczema lotion on him but are there any other good lotions?

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    I found using more natural and organic products help. I also love MADE OF moisturizing baby lotion. It is formulated to help with eczema and really works! Since we have switched to MADE OF products, his flare ups are almost non-existent.

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    We also use MADE OF products and I feel like their baby lotion has helped my daughter’s sensitive skin.

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    My doc was very impressed at how quickly our DS’ eczema healed up after using MADE OF lotion.

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    My daughter has eczema and I use only natural products such as Shea butter. I found one product that it’s natural and is for eczema it’s called Natralia eczema lotion and just started using it on her but I think it’s doing great so far. You can search the product

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    the dermatologist has some suggestions

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    my eczema is all over the bottom of my legs calf area
    driving me crazy

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    For my son we currently use Vanicream. We also do oatmeal baths for him as well as wet wraps which really seem to help his skin.

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    Great suggestions.

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