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    it can be hard to deal with

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    yes it can

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    horrible always keep skin clean not fun especially to see little babies suffer the thing about eczema it spreads long as it’s managed kept up and you keep cream handy at least twice a day sometimes even three can even do little more if you feel will do the trick not too much sparingly.

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      For my DS who is still an infant, I use as many organic products as possible. He seems to have less flare ups and I use MADE OF baby wash and moisturizing baby lotion. All their products are organic, vegan, gluten free, and all natural. They are super transparent in how their products are made, the ingredients used and they are all made in the USA. The lotion and wash truly help my son’s eczema way better than OTC standard treatments or any prescriptions. MADE OF products are available at Target and Amazon as well as http://www.madeof.com

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    my baby’s eczema was food related, might want to check out that aspect (“eczema diet”)

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