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    My daughter has been allergic to eggs since she was a baby and she still is. She is allergic to the egg white and yolk as well. The doctors say that she might outgrow her allergy but it’s not for sure. Basically everything that has eggs as an ingredient she can’t eat. Hopefully she will outgrow it.

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    yes hopefully

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    I just recently showed sings of egg allergy a year ago, at age 44. I can eat casseroles and desserts baked with eggs in them, but cannot eat them by themselves.

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    I LOVE this idea

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    My grandsons are going to be 2 in a couple of months. They are allergic to eggs. They want so much to eat pancake for breakfast. Does anyone know any swaps for egg that I can use for my pancake?

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    Maybe but maybe not. They make excellent egg replacements. Also bananas or applesauce or even flax eggs are great substitutes

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    Yes, hopefully she will outgrow it.

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    I hope she outgrows it as well. Eggs seem to be in everything. I recently transitioned to being vegan and I’m having a difficult time with it myself.

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    We use the EngerG egg replacement product. Sometimes I also use flax or a combination of flax and chia seed. They work great for cakes and other deserts.

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    I hope she does too

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    Best of luck to you & your daughter. <3

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    Medical advancements on the allergy front are coming!

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    How do u know if the baby is allergic to eggs?

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    hope so too

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    My son its allergic to

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