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      My 14 yr old is severely allergic to earth. Every grass, tree, pollen, mold, cat/dog, seaweed even…he has an epipen, medications, an inhaler, nose spray and eye drops. Yet, not one food or medication allergy!! He has acne and eczema allergy related. We’ve been going Mondays to start the shots but they haven’t gotten his dose right, 3rd times a charm hopefully. It impacts his life and education (although he’s in advanced classes with A’s). They didn’t even complete his allergy testing due to his immediate and severe reactions while testing. The school is not cooperating either…every 6 weeks a new updated form to be completed by his allergist. It’s exhausting. Parent meetings to review and update on his allergy situation. Anyone else going through this? Any suggestions? For example, he’s allergic to hayseed grass (hay when it’s green) but NOT to hay (once it’s brown). Every oak until it’s completely dead….every grass. He needs the epipen if he’s around during mowing. Do the shots really work? Does the allergies get better once the shot therapy is started (in time I know) or is it just a waste of time and hope?

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      Yes! I have had to do this for bee stings it’s a process over like the coarse of 7 years! Absolutely worth it!

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      The shots are definitely time consuming but it beats always worrying about going into anaphylactic shock

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      that is tough

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      Oh, that’s so sad! I really hope the shots work for him!

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      Mi hija y yo tenemos ese problema.. y deverdad que es difícil . No tengo una solución aún 😕

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