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    I have read a few times about family game nights. I love family game nights. My son and I love playing games, however my husband does not. Anyway I thought I would start a forum to see what others do for family game nights? What games do you and your family like to play or what other ideas do you do for family time?

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    Apples to Apples has a kids version that is really fun. My family loves Uno, too.

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    Monopoly to teach about economics

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      always my boys favorite!!!!!

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    The children in my home range from 3 to 16 years old. Any games that all ages could play?

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    I have a 7 and 11 year old. Their cousins introduced them to the domino game Mexican Train and they love it.

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    I’m reading a lot of fun games here.
    I would say a game for 3 to 16 year olds may be Uno Moo game. My sister just got it for my niece who is three and she loves it. Instead of cards the pieces are in a barn and they are a round ball, and the game still uses colors but on the balls are different animal faces, so you can either match color or animal. It is a cute, fast game.
    My family and I just started Boom Blast Stix. It is like Jenga in which you are stacking the piece, however if you put a piece on wrong or it gets too heavy in a certain spots the piece jump off the platform around the room. It is a fun game, and is a pretty quick games. We like doing a lot of card games too. Bicycle Cards has an app that will give directions to new games. Are current favorite is Palace.
    Thanks for all who is sharing and will share. Its fun finding out different games we can do with our families!

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    These are great ideas – also agree with Uno and apples to apples

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    Uno Moo, never heard of it- I will check it out. Thanks!

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    “Apples to Apples has a kids version that is really fun”
    I agree with you.

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    We love sneaky snacky squirrel, perfection, hungry hungry hippos, how does your garden grow, and rock ’em sock ’em robots. We also have a few made up games we play with dice, balls, etc.

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    B J

    The game of Life and Monopoly.

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    My family love Monopoly Deal Card Game.

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    We use to get a brown lunch bag and fill it full of different kinds of little candies. Then we would play Chutes and Ladders,Candy Land, Bingo or Charades and the winner would get to pick two pieces of candy from the bag that way it encouraged everyone to play.

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    We LOVE family game night but we tend to get a bit too competitive!! Monopoly, parcheesi, yatzee!!! All of our faves!!

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    With the kids getting older it’s been more of a challenge to get a family game night in order but there is a local mystery shut-in company. They plan everything and you get locked in until you solve the mystery as a team by finding clues … Fun times I assure you and it’s easy enough for our youngest as well

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    kids are small but hungry hippo

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    This is helpful.

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    Our family loves to play pass the pig. My daughter loves the relationship between me and my pigs. They get a pep talk before each roll and if they disappoint… well it’s time out time for my pigs!

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    My kids loved playing monopoly as a family

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    We play card games as well as board games. I try in bring in as many other family and friends into game night. The more the merrier.

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    We enjoy making our own games, as well as playing some of the classics.

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    we play all times of games this past week with nasty weather we got we played connect four and spade and other type of broad and cards games.

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    I have 4 kids between 4 yrs to 13. We love go fish. Life. Battleship, monopoly, connect 4 and sometimes map brothers on the wii u.

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    We love to compete in the kitchen…My kids are mini chefs…I love heading to the market and buying their favorite fruits and veggies…..and at the end of our cooking challenge we sit down and enjoy the goodies! Old family recipes are my favorite!!! And no worries, the messier , the better!!!! Laugh and love!!!

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    On family game night we will either play monopoly or we play yahtzee. We have kind of a age gap with the kids and these are versatile. We usually order pizza as well.

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    It sounds interesting but i have small kids in home would love to try this all games when they grow up

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    It sounds interesting but i have small kids in home would love to try this all games when they grow up

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      Thats happen to me. My daughter just have 7yrs old.

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    We love to play trouble and monopoly 🙂

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    We love playing the new game Headbandz, my boys are learning to describe things and guess things which is great!

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    Kerplunk was and is still my favorite family game.

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    we have a few games we really enjoy like Jumanji Ispy the game of cats connect 4

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    We love playing any type of games. We just got into a game called Codenames and loved it so much that we got the Disney version, too. We also like doing puzzles as a family.

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    Very nice read.

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    good ideas

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    We have a lot of different kinds of board games! Everything from pokemon monopoly to don’t break the ice, frozen chutes and ladders, and yo kai the game of life lol. We also have a lot of video games that we all(the 3 of us, mom, dad, and daughter) can play.

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    May sound crazy , but the simple game of hide and seek, we as adults have a ball watching how the younger ones try to hide , the best one is behind a plant , being they can’t see you they think you can’t see them,they are hilarious. As they get older They get better, the challenge of them finding the perfect hiding spot will help improve their balance, and coordination . but when you get down to it it is funny to see and play in. But don’t forget to set some ground rules on where or how they could hide.

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    Our family loves hoot hoot owl, don’t wake up daddy, zingo, and recently the Shopkins and lol games

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    These sound amazing.

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    We play Mariokart, MarioParty, Skipbo, Uno, Ticket to Ride, Life, Monopoly, matching games, and Candyland. I have a 5 year and 10 year old, so we mix up the games to ensure everyone can play games that are on their level. We usually have music going in the background, and have snacks as well. It’s one of our favorite weekly activities as a family.

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    My family and I like to play card games. We play memory with the younger ones, go fish, old maid, rummy, and uno. With the older ones we have played hungry hippo, battleship, connect 4, and we play some Xbox one games with them. They love it when we get involved with that.

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    thanks for your replies!

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    I love family game nights we try a new game from board game, cards to xbox one.. We get to unwind have fun tigether💞💞💞

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    This winter we’ve been playing UNO with the giant cards. Draw 4 takes on a whole new meaning when the cards are so large lol

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    Family game nights are a must we take turns choosing right down to the topping on the pizza we do it weekly you should try it if you haven’t had the opportunity thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing them.

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    You are so welcome it means a lot to have friends with the same goals and interests.

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    We love all kinds of games for our family game night! We are having quite the collection from all our purchase!

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    My kids love to play yatzee

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    Me and daughter eat pizza drink and watch movies

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    Our family game nights range from playing cards and dice. The board games we play are Sorry,monopoly,life and Clue. We usually have snacks and drinks to.

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    All so many good ideas thanks for sharing.

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    Pop the pig is a favorite of my daughter!

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    I have been wanting to start a family game night for a long time. I am just stuck on what exactly to do. I have a 11 year old son, 9 year old daughter, 2 year old son and a 10 month old son, so I cant seem to figure out something where they will not argue or complain over the game. (being to babyish or to hard for the other, I can figure something out for my younger children to be preoccupied, but with my older ones, it is a struggle.

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    try Backgammon , every men love it

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    Looks like such a great event!

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    We love peaceable kingdom games like Out Foxed and Gamewright games like Feed the Kitty. We are a big gaming family. These games are great for cooperation building games. A great one for teen and adults a like is Escape the board game. It is limited to only 10 min of game play which is measured by a audio track with minimal set up after the first time. There are tons of modifications that can increase the difficulty of the game. (To note we have something like 175 board games, so these are the best non-hasbro game recommendations.)

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    Awesome post.

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    So great.

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    Apples to Apples is always fun!

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