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    I have read a few times about family game nights. I love family game nights. My son and I love playing games, however my husband does not. Anyway I thought I would start a forum to see what others do for family game nights? What games do you and your family like to play or what other ideas do you do for family time?

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    Apples to Apples has a kids version that is really fun. My family loves Uno, too.

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    Monopoly to teach about economics

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    The children in my home range from 3 to 16 years old. Any games that all ages could play?

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    I have a 7 and 11 year old. Their cousins introduced them to the domino game Mexican Train and they love it.

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    I’m reading a lot of fun games here.
    I would say a game for 3 to 16 year olds may be Uno Moo game. My sister just got it for my niece who is three and she loves it. Instead of cards the pieces are in a barn and they are a round ball, and the game still uses colors but on the balls are different animal faces, so you can either match color or animal. It is a cute, fast game.
    My family and I just started Boom Blast Stix. It is like Jenga in which you are stacking the piece, however if you put a piece on wrong or it gets too heavy in a certain spots the piece jump off the platform around the room. It is a fun game, and is a pretty quick games. We like doing a lot of card games too. Bicycle Cards has an app that will give directions to new games. Are current favorite is Palace.
    Thanks for all who is sharing and will share. Its fun finding out different games we can do with our families!

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    These are great ideas – also agree with Uno and apples to apples

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    Uno Moo, never heard of it- I will check it out. Thanks!

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    “Apples to Apples has a kids version that is really fun”
    I agree with you.

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