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      What are your favorite ways to get your children and family involved in the gardening?

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      Every year my kids plant potatos-we always have luck with them! We also all go to the store and load up on seeds and see what takes off! So far our snap peas and radishes are going nuts! The kids love watering them!

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        Ooh this year we planted all kinds of peas and radishes, too! Do you do your potatoes in containers or in the ground? Potatoes are one of the few things I have never tried!

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      B J

      The gardening seeds are out In the stores, and I have already bought, peas, carrots, tomatoes and peppers. I can’t wait for the warm weather, all of our family get involved. Fun and delicious!!

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      Best is participating in Farmers Market. Watching the kids weight the produce and bag it for customers and answer questions about the produce they grow with their own hands is awesome.

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      We just moved into a new house this past fall. We plan to put in a good sized garden. I hope to have the kids help spread out the soil, get involved with learning about composting, and help water the plants. I also am thinking of a creative way to have my kids make the labels for the plants we are growing.

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      family gardem every year for us!

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      starting by planting early and watching crops grow

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      I care about my family health so we also try to eat organic and natural foods, although natural foods is expensive so I growth my own garden vegetables and I try to go green and feeding natural, organic foods to my children as much as I can.

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      We love family gardening.

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