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      I am wondering what beauty products you have found to work. I prefer all natural products overall and have found a few to work well and others, not so much. Being a new mom, well first time mom where my daughter is now one. I feel like I am always looking tired and run down, even when I am all “dolled” up. I have found one recent product to have worked well for my tired eyes.

      I received Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel through the Stellar Product Testing Panel. have been using this in the morning and at night every day for about two weeks now, and truthfully at first I did not notice much change or difference from before I started using it to then. After about a week of use, I finally started noticing changes around my eyes. There was improvement with my pores and coloring. Also noticed some of the fine lines/wrinkles around the edge of my eye were less noticeable. It has minimal ingredients for a more natural product, which is what I have been looking for to help me. Overall, I became a believer in this product and plan on continuing to use it even after my first bottle is out.

      Are there are products that you have found to work best?

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      Josie Maran is a great brand.

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      Black soap. A must have product and I don’t care what sex, race, or gender. This product takes away everything out of your face and it’s cheap and you can find it in the Dollar Store. It worked great for me.

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      I use babo botanicals aloe and cucumber for shampoo/body wash and conditioner. It’s gluten free, soy free, sulfate free, dairy free, caravan free, phthalate free, free of animal products, etc. My hair has felt better than ever and it’s very affordable.

      I also use it on my babies (:

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      That’s great.

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      I’m loving all the different face mask that are available now. There are so many, but they sell them for single use and they are affordable that way. So therefore you can try many different types without breaking the bank. ☺

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      Anything Drunk Elephant, Herbivore, or Glow Recipe just to name a few are truly awesome. They are healthy, natural, and actually work for myself and a vast majority of others that try them out! Little on the pricier side but it is well worth the money!

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      cetaphil, cerave, vanicream

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      non scented usually

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      Mary Kay

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      The brand “Beauty Without Cruelty”. 🙂 Works great & of course it’s in the name that they’re cruelty free.

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      shape tape contour concealer By Tarte. I swear by it being a mother of 3 I was having a hard time finding something that would cover dark circles on top of not looking “cakey” or “fake” but also finding something that truly nourished my skin. Not only does it cover the dark circles but it also gives my face a bright smooth look so no one never knows how tired I truly am!!

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