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    Halloween is right around the corner. I always love making the kids costumes. What are some of your favorite DIY costumes?

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    This site is too good.

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    I go to the thrift stores and get grandkids their favs for a fraction of the price!

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    Red riding hood costume.

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    old people

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    a ghost

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    Looking here for more inspiration. I always think of the best costumes on Nov 2

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    career costumes , doctor, fireman, too cute

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    A ghost or hobo.

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    So awesome.

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    I love this.

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    Great sharing.

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    a cat

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    Witch is always easy too!

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    Audrey Hepburn, literally a black tress and hat

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    This is so intriguing.

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    Lots of fun.

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    I love making our halloween costumes. This year my daughter is going as a spider.

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    Minnie/Mickey mouse is one of our favorites. Also, using primary.com to get some basics, and anything is possible! They also have really good ideas on the site.

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    My mom used to always make our Halloween costumes when we were little so I really like homeade costumes. This year I am pregnant so I made a red shirt with the kool-aid mans face on it and then I made some broken bricks on each side of my belly to make it look like the kool-aid man is breaking through the bricks. Next year I am going to make my whole family the flintstones.

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    Gnomes are always easy!

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    We just finished my daughter’s spider costume! She loves it!

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    Great ideas.

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    When I made a Wallee costume from a box for my granddaughter. She was the cutest thing ever

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    Our costumes turned out great this year!

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    Fantastic stuff

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    Love this.

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