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    What is your favorite way to compost? I have a bin that I just throw food scraps into. I’d like to be more efficient though.

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    use worms

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    try putting your compost in the garden

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    we have a bin as well…

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    My son has a game on his LeapPad that teaches about composting/recycling and how each works. Makes me want to start a compost in the garden but have no idea how to start it.

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    putting compost in the yard/garden for fertilizer. eggshells too

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      that’s exactly how I do it

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      B J

      I also put my compost in my garden and it works great.

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    In the garden, of course.

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    We put our compost in the garden.

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    Good information.

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    put it all in the garden

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    we have a bin with holes for air – works well for us

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    They have you tube videos on how to build one in the ground so the smell doesn’t get to you..and the worms show up on there own!

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    Following because I want to start this. Thanks for the tips and tricks.

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    This is great.

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    I put it in the corner in my garden. Absolutely love composting

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    Love this. Thank you.

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    We have a bin out in our backyard we throw food scraps, paper towels(depending on what it was used for) and other plant matter in. It’s worked great for us. I also have a little indoor compost container that helps me collect items in our kitchen and once full, I dump it outside (it’s a sealed container with a charcoal filter in lid to prevent odor).

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    I love these ideas

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    I use a worm tower 360. Just set it and forget it!

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    Great info here!

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