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      What is your favorite DIY project to do with items most people have on hand?

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      Bird seed pinecones are a favorite with my kiddos

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      Cereal necklaces =)

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      Using finger paints to make a hand and foot print of my kiddos on a blank sheet of paper is definitely a fave.

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      Hand print flowers mother’s day gift

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      Would love to try

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      homemade cards for birthdays

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      Making my own baskets, containers, holders, etc for my makeup, brushes and other tools to go on my vanity.

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      Cards for friends.

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      Toilet paper and paper towel rolls… there are tons of craft and toy uses (for the kids)

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      Canvas signs for my house!

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      We have a lot of mason jars around the house and paint, so I like to make things out of them when i feel like doing a craft. There is so many things you can do and it never gets old because there always is something new you can do.

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      I am looking for ideas to make a sesame street themed Christmas tree for my grand daughter….any ideas?

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      homemade cards for family

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      homemade cards and wrapping paper

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