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    How to over come the mom overload.. the overwhelming feeling of never being caught up, or appreciated.

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    I love my family but sometime I feel invincible. Like a fairy that cooks and cleans.

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    I think every mom can relate to this. Often, being a mom is a thankless job. When I feel overwhelmed, I try to focus on the god things I do for my family and why I do them (to keep my kids healthy, to show I love them, etc.). It also helps if I can get a few minutes of me time, like a bubble bath or a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head.

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      good advise for moms and grammies alike!!!!

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    Take time for self-care. Take yourself to dinner and/or a movie, get your hair and/or nails done, take a class, join a women’s group, etc. It is perfectly okay to take time for yourself. You will be a better mother if you feel fulfilled and rejuvenated.

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    This may sound kinda harsh but I’m being completely honest with you. No one is going to die without you, every day wake up and do something for yourself. Like a small or big treat whether its personal pampering, or just taking a drive to the gas station alone, sleep in call off work and go to a movie and then sleep in. Wake your partner up at 3 am for sex. Either way you should live your best life and and treat yourself in some way. Remember your the captin of the ship, with the captin the ship went sail, but if you fall asleep at the wheel it’ll crash. If you something for yourself your ship will sail full force no problem.

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    I hear you. Sometimes if feels like I’m the hired help. I just wish people would clean up after themselves.

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    It’s OK to say those feelings to your family members “I’m feeling overwhelmed and feel sad that you don’t appreciate me”. I’m betting you will get some positive responses.

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