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      Another “Back-to-School” night is approaching. It will be my 26th. I was almost 44 when my third son was born, and he just started 5th grade. Back-to-school night for him highlights for me how I don’t really belong in this crowd of 30-somethings whose 5th graders are likely their oldest child. So, do I keep showing off my ever-graying hair and field the inevitable “are you Jimmy’s grandmother?” questions, or do I bite the bullet and make an appointment with my hairdresser?

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      I saw this and was like perfect question as I’m in a similar situation. Then I looked at the date and was like oh wow this is from a year ago. If you’re still interested in responses let me know and I will respond.

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      You should do it whenever you feel comfortable

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      Do what makes you happy don’t do it for anyone else

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      Been there done that, have the t-shirt…never again! The maintenance involved was horrible, and it took forever to grow out. Learn to love what you’ve got, isn’t gray the new black? 😀

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      For sure! It sounds like it would make you feel better. Good luck to you

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      B J

      You need to do what you feel good doing and what makes you happy.

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      If you want a makeover then do it for you.

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      great product

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      Whatever makes you feel good about you!

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      I started getting gray hair in junior high, so I have been coloring my hair for years. I say go for it! I know I feel better about myself when my hair is colored, just my natural color, I feel younger and look younger too!!

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      No go natural.

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        I totally agree. Do what makes you happy.

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      Do whatever makes you happy..

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      Although I am younger and when my son goes to school I will still be pretty young but I say keep the gray. If you like it be you! Who cares what the other moms think!

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      Go Natural

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      If you change to fit in better, you’ll never truly be comfortable. Be yourself.

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      Be proud of your gray hair! Rock it! Maybe add a couple purple peek-a-boos.

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      you should

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      do what makes you happy!

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      Do what makes you happy.

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      Yes, when I do it makes me feel better and gives me a much needed lift!!!

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      coloring your hair is the easiest way to look younger. Also a hassle and expensive. How about letting your hair be its natural color, but get an updated more stylish haircut. (And keep fit and don’t be sloppy in your clothing)

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      You do what makes YOU happy! Personally I love keeping my black hair black but those greys are getting more and more expensive to hide lol

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      I’m 50 with little ones. I have dark blonde hair with a mixture of grey. I’ve questioned whether to dye or not for many years. At this point, I am comfortable with my hair color. It’s a waste of time and money to keep up with it.

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      Do what feels right for you, don’t feel intimidated by the younger, less experienced mom’s. I had my 1st son at 21, and was always the “youngest” mom. My youngest child is in 6th grade and I am one of the “oldest” mom’s now. I started going grey in my mid 20’s due to a very nadty divorce, and I just recently started dying my hair, and I couldn’t be happier!

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      whenever you think is good

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      When I was younger, I thought I will never dye my hair. I will just leave it natural. Well, now that I am 55 I feel so much better dyeing my hair. I feel much better about how I look. The gray hair really washes out my coloring. But, ultimately, do what is comfortable for you. Some people look great with grey hair.

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      Keep the grey until you tire of it. You may continue to love it. Greying is not a sign of aging. I have friends who had grey hair in their twenties.

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      B J

      Whatever feels good to you and what you feel comfortable with, is the best.

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      I’ve questioned the same thing. Finally came to the realization that my hair is healthier when I leave it alone. It’s the way God made me.

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