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    I have received kit for testing but coupons say it can be found at Walmart and no walmart in 50 mile radius carries; Cobram Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Publix; Freedom Barley Toasted Museli Cereal. What do you do?

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    Thats to bad

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    I’ve learned to use product-locator sites before applying for my freebies, so I know in advance I’ll be able to use the coupons. Learned the hard way after driving around for an hour for a $3 item. That said, I think one reason we get these samples/coupons is so we request our local stores to carry them, and increase the visibility of these new or unknown products.

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    so bad , sorry

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    this happened to me too.

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    this has happened to me, too. It may help to ask a store manager if they can special order an item for you

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    I had to drive 35 miles to get it at the assigned store on coupons. They would of special ordered for me but it might take up to 6 weeks and I only have 3 weeks. It was a nice ride and finally was able to complete the tasks.

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    Hi Lisa,

    We appreciate your efforts to complete the program!

    If something like this ever happens again, please email [email protected] and someone will help you asap!


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    Oh no!

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    Ive had this happen also, as I live in a very small town. Contacting customer service is very helpful.

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    that’s a good idea about using product locatot. I always assumed when they ask you what stores do you shop, if I could select local ones, then the product would be available there. WRONG!! You might choose Walmart for example but the Walmarts in your area may not carry it, could be only in other parts of the country.

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    Wow that’s sad, I hope this doesn’t happen to me. Sorry for your misfortune!

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