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      My husband and I are going to be first time grandparents in September this year and we can hardly wait!!!!:)))

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      Starting to plan my granddaughter ‘s baby shower on 08/3/19 I’m so excited I’ve been buying stuff from the beginning:)

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        You will love it – nothing like that first grand baby…..

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      Special (and needed) relationship

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      Awh yay!!! Congratulations!! Grandparents definitely have a special place in babies heart! My son prefers his papa and his meme over me and his dad most days lol!

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      It can be a joyous time but just like Kenny Rogers song say’s You gotta know when to hold them and know when to fold them. Be happy and enjoy this time I am a Mom and a grandma I love it but my baby is now 8 and she knows her Uma loves her to the Moon a million times over and over

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      So exciting!

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