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    what are you doing to protect your kids and others from the flu? how do you teach young children about keeping safe and boundries in order to keep them safe from being too close in case another sneezes on them ect? i know hand washing and sneezeing in elbow but what are your suggestions to keep everyone safe?

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    Wash, Wash, Wash your hands! This can’t be stressed enough! We also get vaccinated for the flu. It is horrible this year.

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    I do agree with washing of the hands. Whenever my son gets home, the first thing he needs to do is wash his hands….with soap of course.

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    WASH hands & elderberry syrup!

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    Hand washing and taking vitamin c also Echinacea

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    Handwashing and eating alot of fruits and veggies

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    B J

    Hand washing is a big thing, eating healthy – a lot of oranges, a the flu shot.

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    lots of handwashing and building immunity through eating fruits

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    Handwashing, humidifier in kids’ rooms

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    Wash hands and my family gets the flue got every year.

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    Stayong home

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    Wash hands for 60 seconds with warm soapy water.

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    For my family during flu season, we try to avoid crowds when possible. We stay home more. But when we do go out, we try to avoid close contact. We wash our hands, don’t share food and drinks. We also make sure we are getting rest and eating healthy.

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    Wear a mask when sick.

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    Good advice.

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    Good read.

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    Good tips.

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    Wash hands & cover your cough!

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    wash hands, as noted. but people Don’t really do this like they say…. there are hospital studies showing that even doctors aren’t doing it like they are supposed to. Enough sleep also helps us to stay well

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    it is so bad right now , the flu is running ramp-id

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    B J

    Wash your hands, eat healthy and get plenty of rest. We try to do all these things and stay as healthy as we can.

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