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      When I was younger certain foods, we noticed after a time, made my face break out. I feel like that’s where the acne started and I still get acne to this day. My sisters and my parents hardly had any. Once the acne started at 12 years old, my skin never seemed to fully heal. I’m sure there’s MANY other reasons my skin breaks out. It’s a bummer. Did anyone else ever have breakouts on their face due to allergies?

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        My daughter is allergic to cinnamon. A lot of foods have this such as tarter sauce.

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      Yes but seeing a good dermatologist and allergist works miracles.

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      yes, check with a dermatologist to get help

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      even if it’s not an allergy, you may have a food sensitivity. it might make sense to track the foods you;re eating when your skin reacts

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      B J

      great comments

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      Thanks for the help, everyone. 🙂

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      be careful what you are putting on your face – a lot of products make it worse, even if they claim to be healing. as others said, you probably need professional help (dermatologist or clinical facial esthetician who, for example, could treat you with a laser) to get a clean fresh start.

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      There are a lot of types of allergies in our modern world
      So … maybe

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      Helpful information.

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      I have to stay away from junk food r i will brack out supper bad.

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