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      With back to school time here, how do you plan to navigate your child’s food allergies?

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      I sent in forms to the teacher, and to the main office and the nurse. Im lucky- My son gets only a skin reaction from Dairy….but i still post it, and communicate with his teachers and any form of after school care.
      Its very important!

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      While my son does not have Food allergies, I did get a notice his first day of class, saying that a few of his classmates does have allergies, asking for certain items not to be sent in for snacks, and for kids to be cautious in school sharing items.
      It was good because I got to have a conversation with him about being cautious about sharing items at lunch. The letter had said that Kids could bring whatever for lunch, however only being cautious in classroom and about kids not sharing. It was good because I got to help him understand that he needs to be mindful sometimes about what he is doing and how it can affect others.

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      I know that I always ask about allergies in the classroom before I bring any snacks or goodies.

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      You cant be too careful, but avoiding nuts of any kind are probably the best. We use sunflower butter instead.

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      talk to the teacher about what foods to avoid in the classroom

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      We always try avoiding anything with nuts!

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      Make sure to remind people to label check. Some kids need to worry about cross contamination. People need to know to watch for “processed in a facility with nuts”

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