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      Whats a parent to do when you find plastic in kids ravioli????

      I have contacted the company, waiting to hear back, I have pictures & I am writing a blog post about it…..

      What would you do?

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      exactly what you did! let us now how the company responds. I would probably save the piece and send it to them for testing.

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      B J

      You did exactly the right thing – this should be interesting when you hear back from them. Keep us informed!

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      If you don’t hear back from the company, contact your local television station. Their investigative consumer reporter may be able to get through to the company on your behalf. And the company will be quick to respond because they don’t want bad PR on TV.

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      How scary I hope the child didn’t consume any of the plastic. You did the right thing in letting the company know what had happened. Please keep us informed what the steps the company makes to make this right for you as the consumer.

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      You did the right thing. Hopefully, they respond quickly. If not, keep trying. If they don’t respond, try their Facebook page, Instagram, (if they have them) etc. If they weren’t answering me, I would try on their different platforms such as those. You definitely deserve a response, your money back (if that hasn’t happened yet) and an apology & explanation. Best of luck to you. I’m glad your child is ok, but that’s scary.

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      Many companies respond faster on social media. Have you tried Twitter?

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      Oh! Did you contact usda?

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