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      Co-parenting over the holidays is HARD! I know from experience the complexities that come with it. Are you or your children (or somebody you know) struggling with holiday worries? I wrote a FREE children’s book “How will Santa find me?” to help children navigate worries over Christmas, and to help co-parents to make a plan, agree, and share it with their children. I’ve also compiled a resource website for holiday co-parenting. I’d LOVE to share my book and website with you. Go to: to download the FREE e-book (hit the button that says free book download) Please share, share, share on any platform! You never know who may see your post that could really use this book to read to their children right now! Wishing you happy holidays. Thank you, With Warmth, Carin Smolinski

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      good luck to you

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      Thank you ralucaberger and Mary!

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      Thank you ralucaberger and Mary!

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      the nicest prices ever

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      Oh that’s wonderful. I think writing a book about that will help families. Very sweet idea.

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